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Paintings of Individual Wildflowers

This section consists of over 200 paintings of individual wild flowers.

Paintings of Grouped Wild Flowers as Published in Canadian Wild Flowers

10 original watercolours of grouped wildflowers. These original watercolours were created, ca. 1863–1865, for Chamberlin’s book, Canadian Wild Flowers. They were published as full page, hand coloured lithographs, by John Lovell of Montreal in 1868 and illustrate text written by Catherine Parr Traill.

Paintings of Wildflowers for Studies of Plant Life in Canada, by Catherine Parr Traill

6 original watercolours. Original watercolours published in Studies of Plant Life in Canada by Catherine Parr Traill (1885, 2nd edition 1906).

Paintings of Fungi

74 original watercolours. Original watercolours of single and grouped fungi. Four colour plates, reproducing four of the original watercolours, are said to have been used in a report on edible fungi published by the Geological Survey of Canada. (This publication is as yet unidentified). Three other reproductions from the original watercolours are uncaptioned and seem not to have been included in the GSC report.

Paintings for Floral Calendar

12 original watercolours. Original watercolours for each month. Undated, probably created early in the 1900s.

Published Works

Canadian Wild Flowers
(1st ed., 1868)
Canadian Wild Flowers
(2nd ed., 1869)
Canadian Wild Flowers
(3rd. ed., 1869)
Canadian Wild Flowers
(4th ed., 1895)

Canadian Wild Flowers subscription book
Canadian Wild Flowers subscription book

North American Wild Flowers

Studies of Plant Life in Canada
Studies of Plant Life in Canada
(new ed., 1906)

THE CHAMBERLIN COLLECTION consists of over three hundred original paintings of Canadian flora and mushrooms by Agnes Chamberlin (1833-1913), dating from the period 1863 to the 1900s, as well as Chamberlin's published works, in all editions, and the original subscription books for the first two editions of Canadian wild flowers.    ... more

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Agnes Moodie FitzGibbon Chamberlin: Library & Archives Canada, C-067343
Susannah Moodie ca 1860: Library & Archives Canada, C-007043
Catherine Parr Traill: Library & Archives Canada, C-067325